Why Qualis Care?

Why Qualis Care of Louisiana?

Qualis Care of Louisiana offers a variety of comprehensive programs designed to treat Substance Use Disorders & Co-Occurring Disorders; in conjunction with addressing physical health problems. We utilize Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities with Strength Based Approach, that identifies, targets & builds on patient strengths. Additionally, the utilization of Therapeutic Treatment Interventions, that addresses underlying emotional problems, common among the target populations that are served. We provide inpatient detox MAT along with residential treatment. Moreover, we are staffed to accept and treat pregnant females up to 36wks gestation for detox MAT and residential treatment. We also provide education and help our patients’ access Vivitrol MAT, if the patient is assessed as an appropriate candidate, and the patient is interested.

All patients receive an individualized psychiatric evaluation and are monitored/treated by a psychiatrist, and a medical assessment by a licensed provider during the patient’s treatment. Furthermore, each patient receives comprehensive Biopsychosocial Assessment, Group Counseling, Individual Therapy and Family Therapy. Each patient is reassessed weekly in Treatment Team, that consist of medical and clinical credentialed/licensed program staff. We work with our patients by helping them develop an individualized aftercare plan; essential in long term sobriety/recovery, and with coordination/utilization of available wrap-around community support resources.

Our goal is to help our patients understand the disease of addiction and help them develop coping skills for a sober, drug free life; and ultimately decreasing the need for any future higher levels of care.


Our Vision is to Sustain a High Quality of Therapeutic Services, Available to All, that Focus on Personal Growth, Development, and Individual Healing.

Core Values

  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Compassion
  • Accountability


Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of services available, in safe and dignified surroundings, for individuals suffering from behavioral health issues, through a Holistic Approach – Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally.