Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription Drug Abuse Facts

Prescriptions drugs are given to many people by their doctor, but when you start to notice the signs that you or someone you love is abusing a prescription drug, you will want to call for help right away. The effects of teen prescription drug abuse are going to cause damage to the body as well as impact the relationships and future of the person taking the drugs. You will find that prescription drugs and addiction have been on the rise, but we are here to help those who need one-on-one attention and to make sure each individual we see safely recovers.

What Does A Withdrwal Entail?

Going through the withdrawals of prescription drugs and addiction has many symptoms associated with it. Tremors, anxiety, depression, cravings, headaches, and vomiting are just a few of the feelings that may come over you. You should counseling if you are abusing prescription drugs to ensure that you quit in the safest and most effective way. If you or a Loved one are experiencing any of these symptoms, call Qualis Care today to ensure that you quit taking the drugs in the safest way.
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How To Spot Prescription Drug Abuse

If you think that you or someone you know is going through prescription drug abuse, you may start to notice that they distance themselves from their normal activities and relationships. Often teen addiction becomes a problem during this time because of peer pressure as well as the pressure to do well in school. Drug abuse can occur with prescription drugs like Adderall that many people think will improve performance in school. Treatment for prescription drugs addiction will include addressing the underlying issues associated with the abuse, whether the drugs are used recreationally or for coping.

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Painkillers?

There are both short- and long-term effects of painkillers, and they are unpleasant enough to dissuade you from continuing with prescription drug use. Muscle spasms, heart attacks, cardiovascular issues, and more will increase as the drug is used. You should call about rehabilitation treatments for prescription drugs if you know a teen or adult that has a problem. Our treatment of addiction is going to be dedicated to your health and care. We understand the importance of prescription drugs addiction treatment, and we welcome you to reach out today to learn more about our facilities and programs.